This game was inspired by the Blitzchung vs Blizzard case, and by the eavesdropping mechanic from Assassin’s Creed.

In Keeping Up with the Buzzards, you are a present-day assassin eavesdropping on two executives of Bizarre, a large gaming company. You hack into the network, and must pick numbers to stay on line. If you type in the correct response, your character continues to eavesdrop; otherwise they trigger the alarm and fail the task.

Can you hear the whole talk? Don't pick the Crazy Hard difficulty level unless you want a truly extreme ride!

Development log


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Fun! Too short though. Strong start without much development:( What else I'm going to learn? Can I do something about it, expose dirty managers or blackmail them?


Thank you for playing! Initially, I did not plan to develop this story further, but your comment made me consider it. Maybe one day I will make it into a larger game.


Please do!:)