Mobile-friendly launch on Tap

Good news for everyone who prefers to play from smartphone: Saving the Princess is now available on Tap! You can play the full version FOR FREE, unlocking all five endings:


However, there is a reason you may want to come back to Itch after you check it out.


Although the Tap version is technically full, it does not have some of the perks available on Itch.

Tap has the file size limit at 5 MB. To fit in, we had to cut the game down from the original 21 MB, leaving some features out.

Only on Itch you can:


  • Develop the main character by earning skill points.
  • Collect the pieces of lore to learn Tanya’s whole story.
  • Visit a few extra locations.
  • Open a secret passage in the castle.
  • Choose a different weapon to fight Viktor.
  • Enjoy high-quality, full-resolution background images.


To make sure you get all this game has to offer, grab the full version by the following links:

Part I (permanently free):

Part II:

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